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return address etiquette?

I see that a lot of people are getting the personalized stamps for their invitations. I was just wondering is it acceptable to have first names only or should I use his last name that I will be taking?

Re: return address etiquette?

  • For invitations, it'd be consider a faux pas to use his last name before you're legally married.  You could stick with first names on the return address or do "Yourlastname/Hislastname Wedding"

  • Do you live together? Who is issuing the invitations? If you are issuing your own invitations, your return address should read
    "Miss Neon Box and Mr. John Smith." If someone else is issuing the invitations, that person's (those persons') names should be on the return address line "Mr. and Mrs. Flourescent Box." Don't worry if Flourescent doesn't actually live at that address. The Post Office doesn't care, and I doubt your guests will notice.

    You can also have just the address.

    Less formally, it can be "Box Wedding."
  • Thanks,
    We do live together and will be taking care of the invites. I was hoping if I go with the stamp that it would be something we could use after the wedding.
  • You could use just the address, with no names.  Our response cards are going to my parent's house, and the address was pre-printed on the back (this was a free extra with our invitations), but it just has the street address and city/state/zip.
  • We used just the address with no names.  It doesn't really matter as long as the post office knows where to bring it :-)
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