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DIY: printing on metallic paper

I figured out the perfect font, layout, wording, etc for my invites.  I practiced printing them out on regular paper and fell in love with it.
Meanwhile, I am getting various paper samples in the mail and fall in love with the metallic white linen from paper and

So now I am finally combined the two and found it to be a complete disaster!!  I waited about 2 hours to touch the paper and everything still smeared.  Instead of using my printer - I can look in the cost of getting it professionally done, but I am worried it will still smear.

I am so disappointed!!  Any advice for me?  Can I get some type of spray adhesive to protect the ink?

Sorry if this was asked earlier- I couldn't find another posting.  Send me the link to previous posting if you just answered this last week and don't want to answer again.


Re: DIY: printing on metallic paper

  • After inspecting my attempts again - I noticed there is a huge difference between the metallic linen and metallic flat paper.  I think the roughness of the linen was causing extra issues.

    Thanks for your advice.  I am going to try a laser printer and then professional printing.
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    i have an ink jet and it printed just fine on the flat metallic (from paperandmore). so it probably is the lined causing the issues. i love the flat metallic. the ink looks sparkly once printed. 

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