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Rehearal Dinner Invites

Are we supposed to end out invitations to the rehearsal dinner? I saw some on a card website but I'm not sure if they're expected or just the card company trying to make more money.

I had just assumed the bridal party would go right from the rehearsal to the dinner and the parents would make sure the grandparents, etc knew where to go. If it helps, we're just doing a BBQ at my parents camp so we don't need a strict count for the restaurant or anything.

Re: Rehearal Dinner Invites

  • If your rehearsal is going to be as casual as you're suggesting, you're ok without the invites.  My FMIL is doing invites for ours because the restaurant needs a head count.
  • I haven't heard of rehearsal dinner invites ....thought the location was done for bridal party, word-of-mouth after rehearsal..
  • I have always received one for the rehearsal and the dinner following - seems to me to be the best way to officially communicate time and location to everyone.  They don't need to be overly formal thouhg if you aren't going for that, but I think its a nice gesture.
  • We're sending an additional insert in our wedding invite for those that are invited to the RH
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