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HELP with wording please...

My FI and I have two girls they are 4, I was thinking of having the invites come from them. My FI and I are paying for the wedding, How would you word this? Our wedding is family based and very small..
Any ideas??
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Re: HELP with wording please...

  • I agree. Invitations need to tell guests who the host is - children can't really host weddings. 

    Something you could do is a note from your daughters in the program. Some brides and grooms include a note thanking their guests for coming, thanking family, etc., so you could swap that out and include something cute from your girls :)
  • What do you think about this.....
    Together with their daughters
    Karla Cowley and Stephen Nuckols
     request your presence
     at their wedding.
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  • If you have to put your daughters on the invitation then the wording you put is the way to go.

    But really, they don't belong on there at all.  The invitation is from the hosts indicating who is getting married.  Unless your children are old enough to plan an event, they really can't host a wedding and they don't belong on the invitation.  You can include them in plenty of ways - just not on the invitation itself.
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