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Shaking things up a bit


My fiance and I have been busy planning a wedding for late August, and basically all of our 160 guests know of the date and the plans and have been figuring on an invitation. In fact, I have recently contacted many of them for their addresses. However, during the last few days, my fiance and I have had somewhat of a change of heart. We are very much so leaning towards an intimate wedding so we can put the monet towards our future and make it simple and less stressful. I know a lot of people would probably be horrified to hear of this change of heart so close to the wedding, but our wedding is just about celebrating our love, and we know our guests, who have their hearts in the right places, will all understand and still be thrilled for us (albeit, maybe a little disappointed).

Anyways, we would really like to send some type of letter or announcement out to people to let them know we have changed our minds and are doing things extremely small and privately. Kind of eloping in a sense, but still having it planned out. Can I send out an announcement telling everyone we will miss them there, but that we are getting married on August 14, and then tell them what we have planned for after the wedding in terms of where we will be living or something? Any thoughts on this will be helpful.

Re: Shaking things up a bit

  • sounds like you'd be looking for gifts to be sent to you....
  • If you're sending an announcement, it goes out no earlier than the day you get married.

    If you sent STDs then you'd send a notification simply stating, "The wedding of X and Y will not take place as planned."

    It doesnt' sound like you did that so just go by word of mouth and send announcements on your wedding day or after the big day.
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