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Change of venue after invitations have gone out... help!

So I am 4 weeks from my wedding day (May 26, 2012) and yesterday my venue informed me that due to legal issues they have to cancel all wedding for the next 6 months.  After panicking, I called over 100 venues in my area (Austin, TX) and FINALLY found something available that will work... my invitations have already gone out and we have gotten about half back.  I am scrambling today to get a new block of hotel rooms closer to the new venue since it's about 50 miles from the old one.  My question is how to handle informing everyone?  I think we want to send out notices to ALL people and even call those who have RSVP'd yes to make sure everyone is aware of the change.  Any ideas on wording or ettiquette for something like this?  I feel especially bad for those who had booked rooms and will have to cancel and re-book, but this was definitely unforseen and even though I am trying to be a laid back bride, I am starting to panic! :) Any and all help would be appreciated!!

Re: Change of venue after invitations have gone out... help!

  • Great suggestions, thanks!! I love the postcard idea and I already have the list divided up to start the phone calls!!   Still recovering from the shock, but re-focused and ready to make our day wonderful! :)
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