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Probably a silly question, but we're using the typical response cards.  Do I need to fill in the guest names when I include them in the invitations?  I've heard of numbering the back side incase somebody forgot their name, but I thought the person invited completed this card.  I'd recently received an invite where they wrote in my name, so I am second guessing myself.  Thanks!

M__fill this in or not???__
___ number attending
___ number unable to attend
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Re: Response cards

  • Generally it is not filled in and the guest fills it in himself.  Some people are choosing to fill them all in ahead of time to try and cut down on guests adding other people who were not invited.
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  • I have fold over note card response cards and I don't know whose name goes on the outside of the note card. It has our double heart design but do I put the guest's name or the bride and grooms name on the front? Is it supposed to be blank?
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