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Is it rude...?

Okay, I know that it's rude to include registry info with invitations...but is it rude to include your wedding website?  I included it in our STDs, but apparently people didn't see that (threw it away?) and are now calling, asking for info that's posted on the site--most importantly the hotel info (which I don't have off the top of my head).  One of my uncles has booked at another more expensive (and not as nice) hotel in our area because he didn't go to the website or ask us for info...  Soooo, do I include it in the invites I'm sending out now, when people are really starting to book, or just let them call and ask/work it out for themselves? 
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Re: Is it rude...?

  • You should include the website in the invitation set.  I wouldn't include it on the actual wedding invitation itself.  Most people include it as its own insert or on an insert for accomodations. 
  • OMG you read my mind... Im having the EXACT same issue. I put the webstie on the std.... yet everyone is asking me about hotels and airports to fly into.... ITS ALL ON THE WEBSITE... i didn't think i would have to do an accomodation card but apparently i do....thanks to all
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