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direction card dilema

 *Do i need to put directions to the hotels? and include directions from each hotel ( we have 2 different room blocks)  to the church? or just from the 1 main highway that runs by every hotel in the area? all of our guests are from out of town and will be staying at one of the hotels. it's a very compact area and all the hotels are basically clumped together around the highway. 
 *Also since there is a small time gap (1hr) until the start of reception do i still put directions from church to reception? Or just from the general area?  I'm having a really hard time with this!   I wish I could just put,"use GPS for directions!"

Re: direction card dilema

  • You could give directions just to the highway... if all the hotels are near each other, maybe you could include a little diagram with the hotels marked down for them or something.

    And, yeah, i would still put the directions down to the reception. And hour or 5 minutes... people still need to know how to get to the reception area, either way.

    Ya know, I wonder if it would be tacky to give the website to mapquest on the direction card somewhere... I mean, not everyone will or can use that site, but it might be worth a try.
  • I would be as detailed as you have room to be.  I did a map on one side of ours, and on the back, directions to the hotel, and from the hotel to the wedding/reception.  That's what fit, and with the map, is sufficient for people not staying at the hotel to figure it out.  I also linked to mapquest on our wedding website for people to get customized directions if they want.
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