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Wording question

I know that traditionally if we are paying for our wedding then the parents names aren't typically on the invites.  I wondered on what people's take on this was - did you include them anyway?

Also FIL are paying for rehearsal dinner, so does this mean they should be included on wedding invites too?
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Re: Wording question

  • Together with their parents is what we used, less lengthy and all parents were helping contribute.
  • FI and I are paying for the majority of the wedding, my parents purchased my dress, and his parents are contributing towards the cost of the reception, but we did the traditional bride's parents hosting.  I guess I don't really care who is paying for our wedding, and as a guest I've never really been interested in who's paying, but I do like being traditional.
  • Both sets of parents contributed and FI and I paid for the rest.  Ours have my name/ his name at the top then "together with their parents" ...... 
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    Since you're asking, I assume that you aren't totally set on a wording yet.  I would talk to your families and see what they would prefer.  There have been many brides that have parents with strong opinions on this subject.  It's way better to know now than to offend someone after the invitations have been printed and sent out.

    FWIW, my parents, his parents, and the two of us each paid for about 1/3 of our wedding.  We used a "together with their parents" line.
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  • You could also use:

    Bride's parents request the honor of your presance at the marriage of their daughter
    Your Name to
    FI Name
    son of His Parents

    Spacing may be incorrect, but then both may be included this way (if you have the room on your invites, of course)

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