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what do you think...

So, this is a rough of our Save the Dates.  I have plenty of time to change it, since I do not plan on sending them out until the end of the year.  But I am a graphic artist and wanted to try and get some stuff out of the way while  I have the time.
So, be honest, what do you think and well not too harsh please! Wink

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Re: what do you think...

  • Very cute.  My dogs would never pose so nicely!
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  • I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Nice Job! BTW I have a boxer - love them.
  • Thanks!  This was the one and only shot from our Engagement shoot that all four of us were looking! haha!
    The boxer is my FI's we actually met at the dog park! :)  The boxer is such a big baby! i love him! 
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  • Love it!!!!!!  Except I would change the "Dog Park Romance" font and color(s) so it stands out more.  Right now it looks like someone's name (similar to yours and FI's). 
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  • Looks good! Cute how you have it looking like a movie poster
  • I like it!

    I can't make it very big on my screen, but I can't read what the bottom pink line says (the one above the "cast"). Not sure if it's just because it's too small on my screen or if the color runs into the picture too much.

    The only thing that seems "off" to me is the positioning/color of Dog Park Romance. Again, I can't make it very big, but at this size, it looks like the dark blue of Dog Park might be too close to the color of the picture behind it so it's hard to read. And while I like "Romance" at an angle, I think it might be at a little too much of an angle. But those are details -- on the whole, I really like it!
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