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Not sure which to choose..

I thought I wanted these invites from VistaPrint:|287890|137|0&uei=323049&icparts=yes&ag=true&combo_id=417544&

But now I'm second guessing myself, thinking they aren't formal enough.

I found these, which I like
and they come on shimmery cardstock.

I'm not sure what to do..everytime I look, I find something different.

I Iguess my questions are, do you think the VP invites aren't formal looking? Do you think the Zazzle ones are more formal looking? Do you hate both and have any suggestions?

Sorry for the links, the sites wouldn't let me take the picture to post here.


Re: Not sure which to choose..

  • I am not a fan of Vista Print, I'm sorry.  They're just such crappy, cheap quality.  I know there are girls on here who will get all defensive but when you can get 100 invitations for $12, well, you get what you pay for, KWIM?

    I much prefer the Zazzle invitations, though I don't think they're any more formal than the VP ones.
  • Thanks. I think I'm already leaning away from the VP ones.
    Any suggestions for other sites to look at besides these two?
  • I liked the Zazzle design. Has a different look that most invites I have seen.
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    I ordered peacock invitations from Michaels. I already got them (I had a 20% off coupon). I really like how they turned out. Good quality. Like you, had searched high and low and kept finding something new and couldn't decide.

    Out of the 2 you posted, I like the zazzle better. I have seen a ton of really nice Peacock invited on Etsy as well, but they are a little more expensive.
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  • I think they're both pretty, but I don't think either comes across as "formal." What kind of a wedding are you having?
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    Our wedding isn't ultra formal, but we want it to feel a little more than just a dinner..does that make sense? Our venue is large, has gold chairs, etc.
  • The overall designs of both are very nice, however I highly recommend getting paper swatch samples so you can actually see the quality they are printed on. Vista because of their good prices do tend to have cheap looking paper. Both of them should send you samples for least my STD place did -

    Speak with the customer service people on Vista (they are very helpful) and they will send you paper samples. Also Zazzle should do the same if they are a good company.

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  • the second choice is more formal.  Good luck
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