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How should I write the names on the inner envelope?

I'm using inner envelope and outer. It's a little weird because the only thing in the outer envelope is the inner (no escort cards, RSVPs, etc.). The outer envelope will be addresses to "The Smiths."

My question is, how do I write the names of those who are invited on the inner envelope? Do I just list them in the middle? Should I be a little creative? Of course the point is to specify exactly who is invited.



Re: How should I write the names on the inner envelope?

  • Well, you're starting off incorrectly.

    The outer is addressed specifically by name as is the inner.  The difference is that minor children who are invited are named on the inner envelope.

    Example: If you're inviting Robert and Jane Smith and their 2 boys in middle school, you'd invite them as

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith
    123 Main Street
    Anytown, New York 12345

    Mr. and Mrs. Smith
    James and Michael
  • Agree with banana.
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