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I have a very lg. italian fam. and tons of friends of the fam. not to mention his whole side of the fam. I also work in a lg. office (3 locations- i work at all 3). There are 19 ppl from work w/o spouses and everyone in the office is used the solo invites every year for the holiday party( the boss doesn't invite spouses)
My venu only holds 200 ppl so i have VERY limited seating space. I wanted to extend an invitation to everyone and not just "pick my favorites" so i sent solo invites to co-workers. Also for close friends who aren't in anytype of serious relationship they got solo invites as well ( i'm not paying for somebodys "FLAVOR OF THE WEEK" if you know what i mean). I need those seats for ppl who really mean something to us, not strangers who i may never see again.
I'm i wrong for doing this or can this be understood and accepted in this day and age?
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