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Rexcraft Ripoff

Brides!  Be careful!  Yesterday, I placed an order on-line with Rexcraft for my wedding invitations using their 25% on-line coupon promotion code: 32194.  This afternoon, I got a phone call from Rexcraft informing me that my credit card had declined the purchase.  When I asked what the amount that they were attempting to bill was, the representative replied with a number almost $150 over what I had submitted yesterday.  Apparently there is some sort of BIG computer glitch that is causing the 25% coupon not to be applied to the orders.  I'm so glad that my card declined the purchase, or else I would probably have to spend yet another 3 hours on hold trying to get my $150 back from them!  Just be cautious when you place orders with any Rexcraft related company (including, apparently, Invitations by Dawn).  Don't forget to print out your order confirmation page(s) so that you have some sort of proof that you used the coupon and that you should be paying a significantly smaller amount than what they're trying to bill you.
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