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In regards to the buddy read with DH/SO.

H and I read the last few books of Harry Potter together.  We had a lot of fun discussing what we thought might happen and all our conspiracy theories.  We also both read the Twilight Saga.  I've been trying to get him to read the Sookie Series since he likes True Blood.  So far he's held off. 

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    DH and I both listened to the Freakonmics/Super Freakonomics audio books. It was fun to talk about stuff together. DH never reads so it was nice.
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    Awww I would love for DH and I to read a book together.  I'm reading Me Talk Pretty One Day and he has read only half of it, so we've talked about it a little bit.  He wouldn't touch Twilight with a 10 ft pole however.

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