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hairstyle help?

My hair, right now, is right at shoulder length - it's curly, and super thick. It's also very unruly and frizzy.  It pretty much does it's own thing most days. I've tried to dye it (it's blonde) and it just won't take dye, it also won't take straigteners or perms. My normal hairstylist doesn't know what to do about it. 

It's a bit too short to put into an updo - but by then it should be a big longer and should be able to reach. (but I don't like updos unless they're messy - because no matter how much hairspray I use, it will end up being a messy updo anyway).   

I do like my hair down, but since I wear it down almost 95% of the time, I wanted to do something different for the wedding - I don't necessarily want to wear a veil, but I do have one that I might wear (it was my moms) 

I thought about pulling it into a side ponytail, but then - someone brought to my attention, any photos taken from the opposite side will look like I don't have any hair at all!! and I don't want that. (of course, i'm sure little sprigs of hair will have fallen out all over the place by the time photo time rolls around) 

Any suggestions??
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