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Beach Wedding Hair? PIP

i am getting married on the beach and want an updo  to keep my hair out of my face. I am not going to wear a veil. I will be wearing a headband with a starfish clip. I kind of want something like the pictures. The only thing I am concerned about is will it fall down? If anyone has any ideas I am open to suggestion. 
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Re: Beach Wedding Hair? PIP

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    I really like the first one, it def would be your best bet for an outdoor beachy wedding. If the right person does it, it should stay and you should have no problems.
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    if its properly done it wont fall, generally a hairstylist will make sure theres enough product and any bobby pins are secrured safely into your head 
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    Can I ask what beach? I am getting married in Jamaica at a Sandals and going to have a friend do my hair because of cost from the Sandals Salon (outrageous price for trail and undo) but still looking into some beach wedding hair as well! Let me know if you come up with anything that works! Good luck
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