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no hair acessories

I recently cut my hair pretty short and i love it! so does my fiance:)  i'm going to have short hair for our wedding  but my mom is insistent that i will look weird without some sort of hair adornment.  I have a hard time with hair bands becuase they are always too tight and give me a headache.  I'm not planning to wear a veil (I'll make a birdcage veil if time permits) and I'm not a huge fan of hair clips.

Here is my hair inspiration.
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what does everyone think?

Re: no hair acessories

  • I think that hairstyle is beautiful! I do think a birdcage veil would really add that extra sparkle to it -- especially if you're going for a slightly retro flair.
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  • That is a gorgrous hair cut!! A bird cage veil is really the perfect item to match that kind of hair style. I'm sure it'll look lovely on you!

    Congrats!! Laughing
  • You could consider a bobby pin or two that have blingy accents on them - it will add just a little bit of sparkle to your hair without being overwhelming
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    I agree with Blodwyn, a little blingy accent can go a long way.

    Try rolling a SMALL  section (like 1.5" by 1.5")  back, poufing it a little maybe or  creating a small swirly. You can use a sparkly hair comb (drug-store brands are usually less over-the-top) or like 3 -4 bejeweled bobbies (like 1 sparkle or pearl each) to secure the bird cage veil.

    They'll add a touch of sparkle and shine wihtout turning your head into a disco ball :)

    Good luck!

    ETA; I just saw the Gatsby inspired picture- forgo the pouf and create a fingerwave-inspired-swirl on the side top by the temple going back (It'll give the pins purpose)
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  • gorgeous:) gorgeous:) you certainly don't HAVE to have hair accessories. however, if you should choose at the absolute last moment to use some, perhaps some sparkly little bobby pins?
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