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3 hair trials and running out of time (pic heavy)

Hi ladies,

I am hoping some unbiased perspective can help me out a little. My wedding is literally 2 months from today and after 3 hair trials with my regular hair stylist (who specializes in updos/formals) I am just not happy with any of these.

Originally I wanted a half up/down do with flowy curls but I am a bit concerned about heat and humidity the day of. So I have 2 trials for this style, one without extensions one with:

What I don't like: too poofy at the top and the curls make my hair too short obviously, but I do like how she sweeped hair across the front to hide my forehead a bit and the curls aren't too spiraly tight.

Onto #2:

What I don't like about this one: curls are too spiraly, and the extensions are too long (she could cut them and said she would, but then didn't the day of my trial) plus this style just looks unnatural on me b/c my hair will never be this long it grows too slow. It also lacks shine and movement and is too "princsesy". My dress is a fit n flare and has a very pretty back with buttons down the back and is very sophisticated, this style would kinda hide the back and not mesh with the sophisticated look and I wasn't down with that). Plus major forehead!

So for #3 I tried it up and it was just kinda meh. Keep in mind no makeup on here  but even when I went home and put makeup on I still wasn't feeling it.

What I don't like about this: my forehead looks huge, the pieces hanging in front got stringy really fast, the curls in the bottom of the do fell out about 45 minutes later, and the pics really started to hurt throughout the day.

I didn't show these but I have an almost fingertip length veil and a gorgeous feather fascinator. I did bring photos of styles I liked with me and I feel they either didn't translate well on me, or she didn't recreate them to my liking.

Any suggestions for different styles, etc. are very welcome. I am starting to get very nervous!  Thanks and sorry this is so long!

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Re: 3 hair trials and running out of time (pic heavy)

  • I really like the first one. It looks really good on you!  
  • I love the 1st one - it has a young-but-mature vibe and it's just beautiful!  The 2nd one seems maybe a bit too young.  I'm normally partial to up-do's, but your updo isn't quite doing you justice - as you said, your forehead looks a bit bigger in the photo *(that also could be the lighting in the photo, and it seems like you have a bit of left-over shine on your forehead too, so my opinion could be off a bit).  

    If you haven't checked out Carrie Underwood's styles, it seems like her hair might be a good match for you.  Google images is a wonderful tool.  :-) 
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  • I found this photo of a style you might like. It is an updo, but it has more bangs in front which would look good on you but without the curls. Otherwise, I would go with your first hairstyle because it does look nice on you. Do you have any hair clips, tiara, or a veil that you'll be wearing? If so, a simple sparkly clip or tiara would look wonderful with the first hairdo you posted :)

  • I love the first one!
  • I like the first one best too.  I would voice all of your concerns about it with your hair dresser though and see if you can get something you are even more confortbale with for the big day.
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  • I'm having the same problem you are things just don't look right but I like the first one on you.
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  • What about like a low side messy bun? That's what I'm thinking of doing. Of those pictures though, I really like the 1st!
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  • Wow these hair styles are looking amazing, I have sister's marriage in coming month, I will surely try one of these hair styles, Thanks for sharing dear, Its much great to use this one.
  •  I love the second one best.. the 1st one makes you look very young
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  • Good Style.

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  • I like the back of 3 with the fromt of 1.
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  • I think you should try it with the extensions a little shorter and your hair more wavy then curly. I think that the curls are what is making you look a little young. you are beautiful though and whatever you do im sure it will turn out great. good luck
  • kitc101kitc101 member

    I love the first one! If you feel it's a tad poofy on the crown, just tell her that. I think it look really great on you!

  • I love the first one (and plan on borrowing it to base my style off of!)!!! I think you look beautiful in all three, but pick what you feel the most comfortable with.
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  • I would say do an elegant updo, number three looked very pretty in the back and would really show off your gorgeous gown, to fix the forehead issue you could easily just do a sideswept bang in the front.
  • I liked the first the best.  The second is going to be obvious you have extensions.  A tip I heard that all women seem to ignore: Don't change your look on your wedding day.  Enhance what you already have isntead of "Oh I want to try something new!"  No one is going to think you have a larger than normal forehead, trust me.
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  • ajecatlajecatl member
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    I loved the first one on you!!
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  • love the first one! simple and beautifully elegant..
  • Have her do style #2 without the extenstions.
    It looks the nicest on your face, will have a natural look, be shiny, flowy, everything you want with the curls!
    Good luck!
  • I think that the second option looks gorgeous on you!
  • tayliataylia member
    Hi I think the curls are pretty but i understand what you mean why not just do a sleek bun with a side swept bang so that way your forehead doesn't look huge to you and you won't have to worry about the heat and humidity! that way you can show off the beauty of the back of the dress
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