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Change hairstyle? No time...

My wedding is in 3 weeks and I have planned from day 1 to wear my hair down and curly for the ceremony and then pin it up into an elegant updo for the reception.  I chose this because my fiance LOVES my hair down and I know he would prefer it this way, but I don't want the fuss of hot heavy curls on my shoulders all night and the worry about them falling flat.  My hair stylist is coming to the wedding to change my hair for me.

So here is the dilemma: I cannot find any time to change my hair!  We only have an hour and 15 minutes between ceremony and reception for photos (we are adamant that we do not see each other before the ceremony).  The photographer is already worried that it's not enough time to get all the shots we should have.  I also considered changing my hair during dinner, but I don't really want to miss the dinner at my own wedding...

Any advice?  HELP!
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