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How to Nicely Fire a Hair Stylist

So I am in a major dilemma and freaking out a bit. My wedding is this April. We are starting to get down to the wire. I had my hair trial this weekend and it was a disaster! The stylist could not do what I wanted. I don't think I was being unreasonable either. What I asked for was to have some braids in the front and have the back in a messy bun. I even brought in pictures. What she ended up doing looked sloppy and not very "bridal." It didn't even really encompass the things I liked about the pictures I brought in. I had a friend there with me who is decently good at doing hair and she had to keep giving the stylist tips on how do get something even remotely close to what I want. When we left my friend asked if I was sure that the stylist knew what she was doing. I have decided that I absolutely need to find someone new and am in the process of doing that.

This is where the difficulty arises. The stylist I had hired is the same woman who has cut my hair for years. I love the way she cuts my hair and I don't want to completely isolate her or feel weird going back for my regular appointments. But I really need for find someone who can do what I want for my wedding day. Does anyone have any good advice about how to nicely tell this stylist that I have decided to go with someone else, but that I still want to come back for my haircuts after the wedding? Is it even possible to fire someone but keep a relationship after?

Thanks in advance for your advice!
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