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Needing some expertise!

Help!! I have a good amount of months to decide however my recent fear is how to do my hair on the big day.  Here is the details.. 

I have really long gorgeous blondish hair (it is right now about 5 inches from my butt, however it is in a lot of layers).  I usually wear it either straightened or slightly wavy.  My FI loves my hair when it is up and I love my hair when it is down.  I mean come on I've been growing it long since I was in my mama's womb haha.  My dilemma is that My wedding gown is strapless, and my veil is the really long one that goes about a foot past my train.  Everyone who saw me put on the dress LOVED my hair down or half up half down because it " made the  dress and the walk down the isle look so gorgeous".  I have never liked my hair half up, so that leaves me with the option of all up or all down for the wedding.  I sort of think it would be nice and elegant to have it down for the ceremony now that I have seen "how great and amazing" my hair looks down with the veil haha. But on the other hand we are going to be having a lot of fun dancing and I am most worried about his music which is the Latin fun stuff.. so in that case I feel my hair should be going up towards the reception.  The more I have seen pictures of girls with strapless dressed with their hair up with a gorgeous necklace and earrings I want my hair up, but at the same time want to gorgeous look of it down.  I do not want to just leave my family hanging out while I change my hair! What is your opinion up or down? Pictures would be helpful.
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