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Hair Growth and dandruff

I was really wondering... How long should hair be for an updo? and how do I get rid of dandruff? I have literally tired everything and I really don't have the time needed to be dedicated to my locks! My hair is fairly long but I've also been taking biotin! It's giving me hot flashes but my hair has grown! Just need to know beccause after I get married I'm donating some of my locks to Lock Of Love!! @PanteneExpert
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Re: Hair Growth and dandruff

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    Your hair can really be any length for an updo, it depends on the updo you are wanting.. I am a stylist and I have done updos on ppl with very short hair. If you have a picked out a pic of your wedding day hair and want it to look like it then I would go with the length the pic is. Try some danduff shampoos by Kenra or any Aveda shampoos. Good Luck
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    Garnier Fructis Anti Dandruff Works miracles.
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    I started using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners and it helped with my dandruff a lot.

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    always use a profressional products to get rid of things like dandruff, if its just everyday little bit of dandruf you can get away with selsum blue, or head n shoulders, if its really bad i highly suggest going to a doctors office to get proper over the counter medicated shampoo, as for updos ive done updos with short chin length hair, 
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