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I want dad to lift my veil, but....

... how freakin' cute are birdcage veils??? I know I am going to wind up getting a veil with a blusher, but I've been reading some Q & A that says you can wear the veil for as long as you like. I'm guessing this means that I can also change from the blusher veil after the ceremony and pictures into a birdcage for the reception, right? I will most likely be wearing a half up half down curly hairstyle (just below elbow).

Re: I want dad to lift my veil, but....

  • The blusher is a separate piece so you can still get a longer veil with a blusher and then wear the veil all night if you want.  I wore my short veil all night even though it wasn't birdcage.  I had plan to slip it off but just never did.  I tried it on with a blusher but it wasn't for me. 

    The birdcage veil is really an alternative to a long veil.  I wouldn't have a long veil and then change into birdcage (although you could if you wanted I guess).  Most girls opt for a feather fascinator or a comb for the reception if they take off their veil.
  •   I think a birdcage would be fine for your reception. It is definitely a more fun, contemporary look then a veil with a blusher. I was going to have one but my venue is a 1840's style mansion and a cathedral length veil would look amazing in pictures there so I went with that and then a white peacock feather fascinator for the reception.
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