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Help - Disappointing hair trial, and is it normal NOT to wash your hair before being styled? :(

I had my hair trial today. I realized at the end of the day that what I actually wanted isn't what I told the stylist today. I showed pictures of a half up half down style with heavier/sleek curls VS bigger volume/poof on head and airy/light curls - which is what I realized just now. I'll be 5 months pregnant and I want to balance how I look and I will need bigger hair, more volume, vs the sleeker/heavy curl look, if you know what I mean.

Think Carrie Underwood big country light curls hair. I'm really disappointed in myself for not realizing this earlier. I feel like I wasted today. She did a good job but it's not what I thought I wanted. Anyone feel this way before, what did you do? I sent an email with my 'change in direction/feedback', but now I'm just nervous and will have to wait until the day of my wedding to see it - scary!! I really can't afford another hair trial.

Also, the stylist told me this morning not to wash my hair for a day or two before the wedding, so the product sticks better to my hair. I was SHOCKED to hear this. I thought they would wash my hair today and style like they do at a regular hair dresser when they cut your hair - is this normal? If I'm asking for more volume they will have to blow dry it with a curling brush or rollers, so it will have to be wet for them next time. With what I'm asking for now it will have to be wet, correct?

Thanks for the help ladies!

Re: Help - Disappointing hair trial, and is it normal NOT to wash your hair before being styled? :(

  • No. Freshly washed hair is not better to style with. Wash it the night before. They should have told you clean dry hair when you made the appt. Washing the night before is still clean not to feel gross but enough time to get back some of the natural oils in your hair.
  • Even to create more volume with brow dryer you still leave your hair dry?? To get the best volume I thought it would start from wet hair with a blow dryer.

  • The more air you add to hair, with things like a hair dryer, the more frizz you have. I've been told not to wash my hair for a day or two before an occasion.
  • shoebieshoebie member
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    No you are not even supposed to wash your hair every day at home especially when you are having it done. When you wash your hair it strips all the natural oils making it very hard to work with. Granted i would not say a day or two i think if you shower friday morning you are good for saturday.

  • vexievexie member
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    Definitely do not wash your hair the morning of!  I washed mine the night before so it could dry while I slept. I was super worried about it as I have very curly hair that goes extremely frizzy without product...but she worked her magic in the morning and it turned out gorgeous! Trust the pro's...that's why she's doing your hair and not you :)

    btw.... if you're worried about the style, book a second hair trial.  It's not fair to the stylist to go in the day of your wedding and ask for something totally different. She may need more time etc.   I hated my hair after my first trial even though it's what I asked for. The second time was much better and then it was perfect on the day of the wedding.  Also... remember that a trial is just that... a trial. It will not be perfect or look like it will the day of your wedding.  It's just to get an idea of what the look will be.

    good luck!

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