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Veil and type of hairstyle?

Ok, this may be a silly question, but do elbow-length single-tier simple veils look silly with half-up hairstyles?  I'm not really sure what kind of hairstyle I want for my dress, but I do like the look of my hair partially down.  I really like braids though too.  I have not had a trial hair appt yet (they're so expensive just to get a sample hairstyle!).  My hair is slightly wavy and also pretty fine, I've been growing it out a bit though so it can stay put no matter what I do with it.
Here's what my dress looks like-
And I was thinking of these types of styles-
or all the way up

Do you think any of these would look good? Or any other suggestions would be helpful! 

Re: Veil and type of hairstyle?

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    I LOVE half-do's!  There's something very innocent or girly about half loose hair styles and I think its been done for a long time. So i say, if you have the hair;flaunt it!

    Perhaps the hairstylist will know where the veil should go with the style created. When you buy the veil, they should also be able to tell you where to place the veil comb.
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