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Blonde or brunette?

Hi everyone,

I got my dress last week & am now wondering what to do with my hair as I change my hair colour quite often so was hoping to decide on something & stick with it for the next year so it has a chance to look it's best!

So, do you think I'd look better as a blonde or brunette? This is my dress & you can see my skin tone from that, I'm very pale & all the white dresses I tried on made me look like a ghost! I am worried that with the blonde I will look too princess like as it's a dusky pink/peachy colour dress...I have blue eyes but quite dark eyebrows considering my natural hair colour is a mousey colour!

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Re: Blonde or brunette?

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    I have the same problem... I'm not convinced which I should do. I change my hair alot with highlights between blonde and brunette. It's fun! My FI loves it how I change it.

    I think my  natural brown might be what I'm leaning towards... Maybe with just a little bit of highlights?

    Also, with the white skin worry: is your dress ivory? Thats made my light skin tone look better.
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