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Aurora NY

I married at the Inns of Aurora last week and went to Meeshe Salon & Spa for my hair, nails and make up. 

I don't usually like to be negative but I feel that I must share with future brides my experience. I felt that the nail services (manicure and pedicure) were subpar.  NOT worth the money I spent. We didn't say anything because at this point it already took us 4 hours for her to do 8 people. The owner told me she was going to have 3 people working and it was only herself and 1 other girl, so it took a very long time. I felt like a good portion of the day was wasted sitting around.  All of my BM's including myself were not happy with the quality of work.  My hair was okay for my wedding. I had to guide her on what to do, just to be sure it was going to come out right. 

If you were to ask me if I had to do it all over again, would I go to her, and I would say NO.  My advice is get your hair and nail services done somewhere nearby (Ithaca or Auburn) or have a traveling hair and make up artist come to you.
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