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Hair Dresser Drama

So I am getting my hair done by a really good friend of mine for the wedding. She has been doing hair for like 13 years and she has been doing mine for a while. While shopping with her I mentioned that we need to do a trail for the wedding and how my hair was going to look. She said "yes" and then a big sigh followed with "you're gonna be a bridezilla with your hair aren't you?" 
I haven't been a "bridezilla" this whole time during my wedding planning but am I wrong for being picky about how my hair is going to look I mean its my wedding day I want my hair and makeup to look nice. I got a little worried about it because I want her to do my hair and everything but if she is going to to rude about it should I just tell her I will find someone else? I don't want to do that to her but I found it a little rude that she said I was going to be picky about my hair. OF COURSE I will be picky about my hair! ARGGG sorry I kinda needed to vent. Also her husband is my fiancee's best man....

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