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Has anyone bought their dress yet?

I really wanna go dress shopping, but I dunno if it's bad to buy a dress too soon. If I find "THE DRESS" I won't change my mind in a year, will I? Has anyone bought their dress yet?
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Re: Has anyone bought their dress yet?

  • I think some girls on here may have.

    I haven't. I think it's way too early. You might change your mind, gain or lose a good amount of weight, get pregnant, etc. Trends and styles change as well. Budget is a factor too. What you could spend now may be very different from what you can spend in year. 

    Do you have a venue yet? For me, that plays into the type of dress that I would want.

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  • Haven't even thought about trying any on....okay, maybe I have thought about it ;) But I won't be doing that for awhile. Its too early. I will prob start looking this time next year or maybe in the summer. Not sure.

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  • I bought mine already. I absolutely fell in love with a dress from Davids Bridal one day when my mom and my sis (MOH) went to look at dresses because we were bored. I didnt want to lose out on the dress in case if they discountinued making it. And for the extra 10 bucks that a garment bag cost, it will keep greatly in storage.
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  • I went dress looking because I was so excited but I'm making myself wait to buy anything for at least another 6 months.
  • I went to look just for fun today and fell in LOVE, so we bought it! I know I won't find a better, more perfect dress for me!
  • I bought my dress : )

    Like Mae0606 and FutureMrsSheeler, I went shopping and absolutely fell in love with my dress! It was the perfect fit, everything I wanted it to be, and fit the design of my venue (we've already booked the place!). The place where I bought my dress was also have a trunk sale, so if I bought the dress the following weekend, I got the matching veil for free (which was $500).

    I really think that if you look now and you fall in love, buy it. Just don't keep looking! Having your own dress also helps you pick out the bridesmaid dresses. This is only my opinion, take it or leave it <3
  • I haven't purchased my dress yet, but I've tried on 3 that I initially fell in love with, and hated them.  

    I am still on the look out for the right one though.  I know for sure that I will be purchasing in May 2011 (1 year before the wedding).  If I find my gown earlier for a great deal, I would definitely get it and not hold back.  When you feel it in your heart that it's the right one, then I would spring for it.
  • I actually bought my dress. I went to a bridal shop to get an idea of what kind of dress style I would like and I ended up finding the dress of my dreams. If you are ready to start looking, I say go ahead!
  • I am actually buying my dress online. Scary, I know, but the site has wonderful reviews and there are girls that have even posted pictures of them in the dress! I am totally in love with the dress in Bride Wars and I found this site that makes a reproduction of it.. SOOO excited about it. I'll post pics when I get it !
  • I havent gone shopping yet but I have made appointments for late October. I wont be buying a dress though.. ever. we are just going for ideas because my mom is making my dress!! But if I was going to buy a dress i would probably buy the Maggie Sottero "Ambrosia" I cant stop looking at it online!!!
  • I HAVE!!!!

    i hate to tell my secret (because i'll probably get a few laughs), but my friend bought hers on ebay, so i checked it my surprise there are all kinds of businesses on ebay that custom make their dresses and they are SUPER cheap (Specifically in China)! I would highly suggest checking it out because, although I am tight with money, I was set against buying a dress off of ebay....but it was wayyy worth it!
  • i have!! :)
    i bought my dress already about a year ago. the place i bought it from stores if for me because i'm going to have my alterations done there. i am not the slightest bit worried about hating it.. its perfect! i tried on so many dresses and any that i put on after the one i bought just didn't measure up! so i say if you fall in love with one.. get it! you don't want it to be gone by the wedding if its your dream dress.
  • Hey, 
    I have got mine, wasnt planning on getting it when i did but i just fell in love with it! Tried on so many other dresses but kept comparing it back to that one. My mum was in tears and she knew by my face that it was the one.
    I was worried that i got it too early but i have been in to see it and still love it! Not worried about if my shape changes in a year and a half as dont get the first fitting until 4 weeks before! 
    I think if you see one and fall in love with it then go for it as you dont want to go back for it and it had been discontinued. 
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