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Am I Being Unreasonable???? (Small Vent)

So FI and I have decided to continue our search for the venue... So tonight while I was at work I get a txt message say that FI niece doenst get out of school for summer break till June!!!!! So he suggested that we maybe change the date to June.. My thought about this are 1.) I changed the original beach wedding that we both wanted for his family so they would be able to come. 2.) I dont understand why she cant miss 1 day of school they live in NC its only a 8 hr drive or so.... 3.) It's going to be really hot for outdoor ceremony....

I guess I just feel that there is always going to be someone saying "well why cant you pick this month and this day"???? I told FI that this is the day we picked and this is the date it is going to be no changing...
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Re: Am I Being Unreasonable???? (Small Vent)

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    We are talking about a niece, which is a pretty close family member. If it will cause a lot of drama or hurt your FI to not have her there, you should either change the date or at least talk to your FBIL or FSIL to see how much it would impact thier plans of attending.
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