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Tried on my dress :(

Sooooo..yesterday wasnt fun :(...

I tried on my dress...and it wont zip...has about a 3 inch gap my mom said...I freaked..almost cried...i was soo ticked...bright side,...even not fiting right..fell back in love with the dress..whew LOl..

Sooo I had my spanx..but I just had a normal bra on cuz I havent had any luck finding  a strapless that fits me and my "girls"...and that wouldnt cost alot either..

So my grandma suprised me admist trying not to cry that she wants to buy my strapless(longline) bra for me as a gift..big relief but man I really almost cried lol. But even with that I know I have to loose at least 10lbs if not more...grrr..def. not easy when I already had lost a little bit (almost 2 pant sizes smaller already)..and im so stressed right now I eat when stressed..or depressed.

But thankfully Im going to DB tomrrow with MOH to pick up her's and my lil sis's dress..Im going to try bras on there..and see if I can find something that works great...sigh.

Re: Tried on my dress :(

  • Finding the right underwear for the dress was WAY worse than finding the actual dress for me. I'm sure once you find the right stuff to go underneath, things won't seem so bad :)
  • Have you tried your dress without a bra at all?  Mine is super tight with a bra, but without the bra it fits very well.  I'm still probably going to have my dress let out just a little at the top of the zipper so it doesnt pull.  Most dresses can be let out at least an inch. 
  • That's a bummer!  Could DB swap the size out for you?  Add a corset?  I'm sure either way it will all work out in the end!
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  • It will definitely work out in the end and the bra will help. Try not to stress because that will only make it harder for you to lose the weight.
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  • ooo the corset idea sounds great, I would try that if I were you. It adds a little sexy note to the dress without it being too sexy. 
  • I like the corest idea, as well.  My dress has a corset and I'm not even going to wear a bra - I have DDs, just to give you an idea - so it's doable and will save you on having to worry about uncomfortable strapless bras (yuck!  I hate those things!)!!  Plus, with the corset you can adjust the dress to however your body is that day, suck in your wait to make it super tiny haha, and not worry about a zipper or anything.  I love mine!
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