May 2012 Weddings


Newbies: We do these posts to hold each other accountable for diet and fitness so we all look our best on the big day! :)

was a disaster... we didn't go for our walk, nor did we eat a healthy dinner at a reasonable time.
We *did* work on the centerpiece and get it to a place we both really like it tho so that's a half check haha

WI: down 5lbs!! Total of 20 lost since FI proposed :) wootwoot
B: 2 eggs, 2 toast, 1 slice cheese (I had a busy morning and knew I wouldn't get an am snack)
L: fruit salad and VFusion
S: Greek Yogurt
D: Chicken quesadillas (home made) and broccoli

W/O: 30 min brisk walking
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