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    I confess that my FILs are stressing me out about this rehearsal dinner. One day they tell us to keep it at the place we have reserved, & the next day we are putting them over their budget. I wish they would just make up their mind already so I can order invitations! Ugh!
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    I confess I have been wanting to spend money lately. Not just on wedding stuff either I want to buy clothes and stuff for our house. It's really hard resisting this urge.
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    I confess that I have secretly been dreaming about having a long awaited (6+years in the making) altercation with my FMIL. therapy anyone?! lol.

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    I confess that I am so focused on this wedding that I am starting to ignore other things... like our apartment. I need to take a baby step back and do something else!
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    Instead of trying to lose weight, I think I am going to exchange my dress for a size up.  I have gained 10lbs since buying it and I dont think there was that much wiggle room in it.  I think about having to lose 10 lbs before the wedding and I get way stressed out, I think of just ordering a size up and I am calm again. 
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    I confess that I'm sick of looking at houses and that I just want one now that is perfect! I'm getting stressed out about finding a house before the wedding. I also confess I'm a little upset that we didn't get started earlier because we might have found something. Ugh...
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