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Thursday Confessions

As Sabrina would say, "Spill it, ladies!"

P.S. I'm just going to go ahead & say that I totally confess that I'm SUPER jealous Sabrina is in Mexico right now! :)

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Re: Thursday Confessions

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    I am going to have to agree! I am sooo jealous! I have to spill that I DO NOT WANT TO WORK TODAY! I don't care if it is drizzling, I want to enjoy the weather! Buuut! 57 days till the wedding! YAY!
  • I'm also very jealous of her being in Mexico since it is supposed to rain here today and everyday for a WEEK!

    I also confess I'm mad at this rain because I was supposed to have my bridal pictures Saturday but had to reschedule now. I was also supposed to do my hair trial that day. :( Kind of sucks!
  • I confess that I'm super stressed about finding a house and I'm very sick of looking! I just want one right now and for it to be perfect and the right price!! I also confess that I'm really stressing about the wedding. Even though everything that can be done at this point is done. UGH!! I hate stressing!

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  • I confess that I ma way more stressed about wedding planning and finding a job than I let on to my friends and family, luckily I can share those things with you ladies :)

    Keeping my fingers crossed tommorow I will get a call saying I got the job and not and I'm sorry....
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