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WTF Wednesday!

Re: WTF Wednesday!

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    Dear Invitation Lady,

    Please hurry with those invitations. I know you said it would be a few weeks (it's been two and a half weeks), and the anticipation is killing me!

    Kind regards,
    An impatiant bride

    Dear Burlap Runner Lady,

    You said it would take a week to get the runners done, it has been a week and a half. I know I am not in a huge rush for them, but I am getting anxious.

    An anxious bride
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    Dear UPS,

    Normally, you are really, really awesome.  But I have missed you for the past 2 days, and when I go to change the delivery online...THE ONLY OPTION IS TO RETURN TO SENDER.  You have to be kidding me!  Now I have to miss a half day of work in the lab so I can sit around at home and wait for you to make the final delivery attempt.  Youe BETTER actually come during the time window on this ticket.  Ugh.


    Annoyed Patron
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    Dear Money

    Please decide to plant yourself as a tree and grow in my backyard. This wedding is costing us a fortune. We are running out of money and still have bills to pay. Please appear in my bank account soon.

    Broke Bride
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    Dear Appetite,

    Please disappear for a while :)

    Girl Who Doesn't Want to Gain Weight
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    Dear USDA,

    Please start lending on Manufactured homes as of like yesterday! I want that house and I can't have it cause of you!

    Broken-hearted Home buyer
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