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What do you have left to do?

Lets see what we have left to do...I am hoping seeing your lists will make me say "oh yeah, I need to do that too!"

I need to:

Schedule hair trial
Buy Pillar candles for reception centerpieces
buy ring bearer pillow and flower girl basket (anyone know a good place to get these?)
Buy groomsmen gifts
Buy gifts for the child attendants
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Re: What do you have left to do?

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    book ceremony music
    book transportation
    book night of hotel
    send out invitations
    work on rehearsal dinner invitations
    buy gifts for bridal party & others
    write our ceremony
    book hair
    hair and makeup trial
    buy accessories for dress
    buy bachelorette outfit
    book photobooth

    ...i am sure there are plenty more!
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    Buy Shower Dress/RD dress
    send out invites
    finish BM gifts
    child attendant gifts
    receive all things ordered
    finalize head count for reception
    finalize DJ music list
    make take photo list
    have hair trial/bridal pictures
    attend shower
    send out RD invites
    finish centerpieces

    seems like a lot once I write it down yet in my head it seemed like nothing
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    - Assemble last few invitations & send them out
    - Schedule pre-wedding meetings with caterer, videographer, DJ, ceremony musician, & florist (just to go over the fine details)
    - Buy shoes to wear with my rehearsal/rehearsal dinner dress
    - Finishing buying things for my BM gifts
    - Make a must-take photo list for photographer
    - Buy ribbon for cake baker
    - Send out RD invites
    - Buy gift for FG & RB
    - Meet with officiant to write out ceremony
    - Buy gifts for our parents
    - Put together "tip" envelopes for vendors
    - Make programs
    - Buy card box & guestbook pen
    - Buy tanning package & Crest Whitestrips
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    - Get my dress bustled
    - Go to Sephora & get my foundation situation figured out
    - Buy alcohol for BM/GM gifts
    - Buy alcohol in general :)
    - Finish all signage (p.booth, guest book, bar, ceremony table)
    - Finish photobooth
    - Finish DIYing handkerchiefs
    - Finish parent gifts
    - Finish bride/ groom chair signs
    - Finish card box
    - Update iPod for ceremony/ for after the dj leaves
    - Seating chart/ floor plan
    - Order fireworks/ sparklers
    - Figure out/ assemble tipping envelopes
    - Get my final hair cut/ color
    - Write toasts to thank people for coming
    - Finish seating chart
    - Make simple syrup for the bar
    - Make pickles for hors d'oeuvres
    - Get wedding insurance
    - Get marriage license :)
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    edited February 2012
    -final meeting with florist
    -final payments
    -purchase food (Sam's)
    -purchase beer and wine
    -find chairs to rent for ceremony
    -purchase linen
    meet with officiant
    -create guest book
    -candy table
    -hair / makeup trial
    -purchase shoes
    -decide on BM shoes
    -create/order thank you cards, programs,and photo share cards
    -have dress altered
    -finish centerpieces
    -finish gifts
    -write out cards to BP, Parents, etc.
    -send invitations
    -marriage license

    Ughhhhh... that seems so daunting!
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    I know I'm CRAZY but.....

    I still need to buy my wedding gown - doing this on Friday.
    Order flowers
    Buy RD invitations
    Buy vases & LED lights for centerpieces
    Create playlist
    Figure out BM gifts
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    WOW I do have more things to do than I thought!

    Get swatch to cake baker to match up ribbon
    Gown fitting (scheduled for March 31)
    Buy alcohol for reception
    Marriage license
    white strips
    DJ Music list
    must take photo list

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    * Assemble and send out invites
    * Confirm final details with photographer ( park location and pic to enlarge for canvas)
    * Buy FG & RB gifts
    * Buy Unity Candle
    * Buy cake knife
    * Buy frames for signage on Guestbook table
    * Confirm rehearsal dinner
    * Book hair trial
    * buy tiara
    * Make programs
    * Finish Itinerary for day of
    * Buy candy
    * Decorate jars
    * Pick up Ry's wedding band
    * Get marriage license
    * Write Vows
    ** Final Payments **

    Geez seems like soo much when you actually write it out :(
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    I still have:

    Decide on a veil
    Wait for my dress to come in & get fittings
    Buy GM gifts
    Hair & Make up trial
    Get marriage license (appt April 9th)
    Finalize & Print seating chart once we get all RSVPs
    Attend b-party & shower
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    - Assemble and send out invites
    - Address invite envelopes
    - Go over details with DJ, florist and reception coordinator
    - finish making guest book
    - make place cards
    - buy hair accessories and necklace
    - Buy bridesmaids' and groomsmens' gifts
    - order garter belt
    - start whitening teeth :)
    - book hair trial
    - finish making card box
    - get marriage license
    - meet with priest
    - get tanning package possibly
    - create programs
    - go over ceremony music
    - start seating chart
    - buy dresses for shower and rehearsal dinner (and some more shoes ;))

    MAN I have a TON to do and I'm sure that I have more to do than that!!
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    -book limo
    -pick bustle for dress/final fitting
    -finish guest book
    -make 3 final invites (came up short some how??)
    -put OOT bags together
    -print OOT brochures
    -pick up OOT brochures from Meusems, etc.
    -buy clothes for the honeymoon
    -do NEW a new photog (*och*)
    ...and about a million other things! lol.
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    does anyone else get a mini-anxiety attack when they look at the to-dos for the last 2 weeks before the wedding? I feel so good about what i have done thus far and then I go looking months ahead and freak out alittle inside
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    Waaaaaaaay too much!  I've been slacking!!

    -Assemble and send out invites (addressing is complete already)
    -Bring invites to post office to be weighed and purchase correct postage
    -Create and print ceremony programs
    -Make earrings for Bridesmaids
    -Start tanning
    -Figure out/buy new foundation for my diy make-up
    -Buy rehearsal dress & shoes
    -Buy groom's ring
    -Buy flower girl gifts
    -Buy flower girl baskets
    -Buy honeymoon clothes, swimsuits, etc.
    -Finish paying off honeymoon
    -Have final dress fitting
    -Finish card box
    -Get marriage license
    -Meet w/photographer (already have one, just haven't met with them yet)
    -Meet w/dj (already have one, just haven't met with them yet)
    -Hair Trial
    -Get hair highlights redone
    -Call ceremony musician
    -Make day-of itinerary
    -Spray paint frames and finish signs for card box and guest book
    -Buy wine for part of BM gifts
    -Possibly buy bubbles (but I'm not sure)
    -Create child activity kits for reception

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    Just remembered two more:

    -Break in day-of shoes
    -Get wedding bands engraved
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    Bah...I'm going to have to come back to this post after work to add a bunch of things to my "to do" list!
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    Get new shoes, love mine but so uncomfortable! Put together invites next week. Mail by the following Going lingerie/shape wear shopping ASAP Alterations Start tanning lightly, get facial, get teeth whitened Choose a hair stylist... Kind of have 3 hanging around must choose! Order flowers (SAMs) Finish program design via photoshop Print programs add ribbon etc Get bm Vs g.cs and finish their emerg and day of totes. Oh and magically pull a crapwad of cash from thin air... Still working on that one.
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    - WORK OUT
    - send out invitations TODAY
    - boudior shoot for FI's wedding gift SATURDAY
    - 2nd fitting (April) maybe 3rd fitting?
    - confirm salon appointments, have trial
    - ask 2nd usher and ceremony reader
    - finish DIY projects (I'll have an anxiety attack if I list them)
    - buy gifts for parents, ushers and reader
    - get marriage license
    - work on song list for DJ
    - buy outfits for shower/bparty/rehearsal & hm
    - work on "day of" paper goods
    - put together OOT guest bags
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    In Response to <a href=" Club BoardsForum:f0ca0bc1-9255-4120-8042-b40e7f3e99c5Discussion:1e053a5d-a0df-4ff9-a4e5-8007f5f63315Post:1f7f8ea0-0626-439d-9076-c1e64f110d34">Re: What do you have left to do?</a>:
    [QUOTE] Oh and magically pull a crapwad of cash from thin air... Still working on that one.
    Posted by Tobeasimons[/QUOTE] haha!  I feel like that sometimes too! :)
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    In Response to <a href=" Club BoardsForum:f0ca0bc1-9255-4120-8042-b40e7f3e99c5Discussion:1e053a5d-a0df-4ff9-a4e5-8007f5f63315Post:44873fed-b002-4f86-b56a-3c295bba76ce">What do you have left to do?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Lets see what we have left to do...I am hoping seeing your lists will make me say "oh yeah, I need to do that too!" I need to: Schedule hair trial Buy Pillar candles for reception centerpieces buy ring bearer pillow and flower girl basket (anyone know a good place to get these?) Buy groomsmen gifts Buy gifts for the child attendants
    Posted by RivieraBound[/QUOTE]

    I still have to:

    buy groosmen gifts---got any ideas by the way?  i am clueless
    buy alchol
    do the tasting
    get my hair/makeup trial (doing that monday)
    get my dress fitted
    oh. . . and somewhere between all the stress-try not to freak out! <img src="" border="0" alt="Sealed" title="Sealed" />
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    hair and make up trials
    put together and send out invites
    buy Dad's and hostess gifts
    finalize numbers with venue
    finalize music for DJ
    make programs
    buy alcohol for rehearsal dinner
    seating chart
    write toasts
    marriage license
    ask reader

    And...try not to stress while also planning a 9 hr away move 2 weeks after the wedding and finish out the school year.
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    goodness my list is nine miles long...

    find a new dj
    finish paying off officiant, videographer and photographer
    get decorations
    find a cake baker
    finish paying honey moon
    plan rehersal dinner
    attend new york shower
    photo list music list
    get one more flower girl dress and ringbearer tux
    night of hotel
    ceremony programs
    finish escort cards
    bridal party gifts
    hair appointments
    child attendant gifts
    out of town bags
    rehersal dinner invites
    find new caterer
    day of schedule
    wedding toasts
    diy cake stands
    find a new apartment
    wedding license and name change papers
    assign readings to readers
    childerns activity books
    teeth whiting
    shower/ bachelorette/ rehersal dresses
    bubbles/rice/ sparklers...something for send off
    day of emergency kits
    honeymoon clothes
    buy cake knife and server
    wedding day of transportation
    buy linnens and napkins and plates (or rent)
    buy candy for favors
    guest book pages

    and i know im missing things...
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    * Meet w/ DJ
    * Meet w/ Florist (finalize details and pay off)
    * Marriage License
    * Meet w/ Priest to finalize ceremony details.
    * Finish seating chart & escort cards
    * Finish BP gifts
    * Pay off all vendors 
    * Attend BS and bachelorette party
    * Send out RD invites

     GET MARRIED :-)
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    MsLindseySueMsLindseySue member
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    Find someone to marry us
    Assemble/address/send invites
    Find things to wear under my dress, and shoes
    If dress comes in time, get fitted/bustled
    Find veil, decide on hairstyle
    Schedule hair/makeup
    Book hotel
    Buy gifts for parents/attendants
    Buy something to wear for shower/rehearsal(?)
    Make rest of payments
    Finalize groom's/best man's tuxes
    Get marraige license
    Find something to put cards in
    Commit to candy bar and buy everything
    Order flowers for reception
    Buy vases, etc for reception
    Make list for/meet with photographer
    Schedule rehearsal
    Make seating chart
    Buy/make placecard holders
    Come up with fortunes/order fortune cookies
    Send color swatch and design to baker
    Help best woman with shoes
    Help best woman with 'spa day bachelorette'
    Start tanning and whitening
    Buy wedding bands
    Find out if I need tips for vendors and get them together

    No sweat!
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    I think the better question is what don't I have left to do lol.

    Ceremony Programs
    Cocktail Hour and Reception Menus
    Meet with Maitre D
    Choose Linens
    Rehearsal Dinner dress
    Receive shoes and potentially have them dyed
    More dress alterations
    Finish Guest Sign-in book
    Numerous final and pre-final payments to vendors
    Compile invitation RSVPs
    Send BMs pics of how to have their dresses bustled
    Get all GM and Dad tux measurements
    Parent gifts
    Make donation
    Order donation cards
    Pick up whoopie pie favor pops
    Make various signs (i.e. cards, signature drink, etc.)
    Order escort "board" (alternative to cards)
    Final hair trial
    Get engagement ring polished
    Pick up wedding rings
    Have veil steamed
    Make all pre-wedding pampering appts (i.e. salt scrub, waxing, facial, nails, etc.)
    Plan and book honeymoon excursions
    Day-of schedule
    Apply for and pick up Marriage License
    Order getting-ready and after-party snacks and booze
    Decide if we're having readers
    Decide on entrance songs for BP
    Put together OOT bags

    And I'm sure there's MUCH MUCH more that I'm forgetting at the moment!
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