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vent: dress alteration woes

*le sigh*  i just need to vent to someone that will understand what i'm going through and won't think i'm trying to get money out of them... i just need to vent!!!  thank GOD for these boards!!!

i got my dress from david's bridal... i loved the dress!  i needed a petite (5'1" here!).  i tried on a 10 regular and for whatever reason the consultant ordered a size larger than what i tried on (12P), and when i received it of course it was too big, but she insisted that was the size i ordered.  whatever, i figured i could get it altered to fit (it would need to be altered anyway) and i couldn't prove anything anyway.

so, i've been eating well and exercising like every other bride.  i feel real good about the weight i've lost and of course the dress is even bigger now.  like probably 2 sizes too big.

after reading the horror stories about the alterations department at david's i decided to look elsewhere for a good tailor/seamstress to alter my dress.  so i booked an appointment at this place that got RAVE reviews, the guy was supposed to be able to work magic.  plus, he claimed to specialize in bridal and evening wear.  so i get there and he's like, "ooohhhh..... i don't do beading...."  he said it slowed the shop way down.  i'm like, wtf?!  who claims bridal as their specialty if you don't do beading?!

whatever, so i book my second choice.  i mean, really it was a tie between the two alterations places, the second place does all the dresses for the bridal salon next door and they have great reviews and i specifically asked if they did beading.  they do.  thank God.

so i get there today, try my dress on and hop on up on the pedestal.  i need it taken in at the sides and shoulders (i have a very short torso), it needs a slight hem and a bustle.  well it turns out it's going to be WAY more difficult than i originally anticipated.  4 fittings worth of difficult.  they're going to take it in at the zipper in the back, and then next time she said they'll have to take it in at the sides.  ugh...  luckily they're really quick at turning things around, so each fitting will only be a week apart.  i felt like that was really fast.

i asked how much she thinks it'll cost (i just don't want to be surprised) and it's going to be $235 plus the bustle, which is $12 per point (she estimated 3-5 points) so probably around $300 for alterations.  i budgeted about $150  lol  the alterations are half the cost of the entire dress!!  rarg...  (i have the money to pay for it, but you know... it's just frustrating)

but the good news is that everytime i've tried on my dress i still love it and i know that it's THE dress for me.  :) 

Re: vent: dress alteration woes

  • Wow, the sucks! I do feel like David's tries to push you into things you don't want. I ended up getting a 14 because of my chest , and my dress didn't come in a petite (I am only 5'). My alterations, with the hem and bustle was about $175. A little less than half the price of my dress.
  • $300 isn't really that bad for how much work you're getting done, but it obviously does suck that it's twice your original budget. :(  I had a similar issue...I had to get my gown taken in, some loose fabric tacked tighter (stupid gathering), hemmed, and bustled, and it cost me about $160.  However, my dress has absolutely no beading, which I understand how that would be a pain to fix.  I still have to get my gown steamed, but I'm waiting until closer to the wedding.

    Everything will work out and you'll look beautiful! :)
  • yeah, i know a lot of people pay a lot more for that type of work, but i don't think it would need that much work if i would have gotten a smaller size to start with.  rarg.

    i just have to keep reminding myself that everything's going to work out but that's hard to do in the heat of the moment.... and while looking at the numbers on the calculator add up  haha
  • I am glad you found someone for your alterations, that price seems about right for what you are getting. I am sorry that DB talked you into a larger size, that is extremely annoying!
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    Unfor. I have to agree with the PPs. I'm short too and the torso of my dress is having to be shortened and bustled too. Its costing me like $ I think the fee is about right...  :( sorry for the bad news.

    as for the calculator...I'm still running from it. lol.
  • That stinks with all the running around you had to do, but $300 for alterations isn't bad AT ALL.  I'm paying a lot more than that, and not having nearly as much done.  My dress only needs to be taken in a little at the bust so that it sits flat on my chest, and then just the bustle.  I am getting a french bustle because a regulat bustle didn't look good with the ruffles on the bottom of the dress.  But, like with everything, I think you get what you pay for - so I'm sure it'll be worth the money that you're spending and you'll look great!
  • Oh, also, this isn't the first time I've heard of DB talking someone into buying a size too big.  They tried to do that to one of my old work friends and she said no, and she was right becuase even the size she ordered, which is what she tried on and it fit, ended up being too big.  Sounds like their notorious for that.  I heard too many horror storied about DB and stayed far far away - I think that's more of a Jersey, thing, though - I hear they're not bad everywhere else.
  • Uhg, I hate shops that talk people into ordering size too big! I feel like almost ever shop does that. Had I not gotten my dress on eBay, I would not have let the shop talk me into it. I would have said "the sample fits me perfectly, and yes, I know that the dress can "stretch out" but it can't stretch an entire size." They just want you to do the alterations in house and get more money out of you. I always tell my brides to make sure the shop knows that they are going elsewhere for alterations so they stop trying to push a larger size on them!
  • i'm accepting the cost of the alterations, because i know this lady will do a great job...  i'm just irritated with DB...

    i tried on a 10R, and WANTED a 10P, and i swear the lady said that's what she ordered.  when i received the dress is was a 12P and when i called the shop all they could say was, "that's the size that is in your file"  rarg.

    i'm sure it is most bridal shops that try to get you in a bigger size, but i don't understand it, even if you alter it, it's not the same as if you had bought the right size to start with.  maybe they assume you'll spend the money to alter it at their shop... well i'm not altering it at their shop!  i'm stickin' it to the man!  hahaha

  • And this is why I'm SO thankful that I don't need alterations! Sorry it's been so complicated/ expensive for you, though :/

    Did you guys talk about what sort of bustle you're going to do?
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    SO annoying...but what can you do at this point?
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  • Here's a bright side...if you had done the alterations at Davids, it would have been WAY more.  Be happy you went elsewhere!


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