Jr BM dress dilemma

So over the weekend my mom and I went to NYC in search of some WR things... one of which was to look for Jr BM dresses. -- The Jr BMs are 10 and 12 right now so I didn't want anything too 'little kiddish' but nothing too old either...

Here's the back story: My BMs purchased their dresses from Jcrew wedding line a while ago in 'cypress' green - which I love. When I decided on the color, I knew I would have issues with the Jr BMs because they would not fit into the regular BM dress sizes at Jcrew, and the green color is a hard one to match.

So, in the mean time, I have been on a massive search for Jr BM dresses that 'go' with the BM dresses, and the feel of the wedding.

I found these adorable dresses from crewcuts (Jcrew's kids line) that I just fell in love with, but my question is what do you think of them with the BM dresses? I ordered them and they are being shipped - once they come in, I will put them together with the BM dress and see how they look in person but wanted to get opinions... Both Jr BMs will wear the same dress, but I couldn't decide which so I bought both and will return the ones that don't work.

The flowers will be in whites, creams, pinks, peaches, and yellows.

BM dress color (each will wear a different dress of their choosing w/ statement jewelry that I purchased for them)

Jr Dress 1

Jr Dress 2

FG dress

Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions?

Re: Jr BM dress dilemma

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    I think they will compliment the other dresses! I don't think it has to be "matchy-matchy". They are jr. bridesmaids and they have 'special' dresses to wear on your wedding day.

    My jr. bridesmaid had an ivory bow in the center of the dress, unlike the other girls. It was appropriate for her. She is 14.

    If you like them, go for it!
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    I like the colors together, I don't think that's a problem at all. Are both of the Jr. BM's thin? If so, I think I like the first one!  The second one's ruffle detail is a little weird to me, but it might just look better on the girls. You may just have to try them both on.
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    I also think the colors will compliment each other nicely! I REALLY like those dresses and prefer the first one to the second one. I think its definitely better to not try to match the green color. Great picks!

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    Thanks for the input girls!

    Trisha - they are both very thin, which is why I was drawn to the ruffly first one - I saw the first one at the crewcuts store in NYC and fell in love with it! They didn't have my girls sizes (which is why I ordered them) but they didn't have the second one in the store at all. I thought I'd try it out so I ordered them as well - I'm going to have the girls try them on when they come in and go from there!

    Meg - I def didn't want them to be matchy matchy... which is why I loved the pink dresses! I agree - it's nice for them to have a 'special' dress

    db - I agree, I like the first one better (perhaps b/c I saw it in person?) but thought I'd give them both a try! The plus to Jcrew is everything can be returned which is great! :)

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    I love the colors together, and I think the first Jr BM dress looks the best (but both look nice).  Your bridal party is going to look fantastic.
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    A little late responding to this but I love the first dress! This is so cute and lots of ruffles are definitely in right now.  This is perfect for their ages and compliments your color scheme well!
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    I really like both jbm dresses, but I actually think I like the second one the better.  I like the simplicity of it and the asymetrical lines.  The first one seems like there might be a lot going on.  Thanks for the idea of crew cuts for the jbm.  I also got my bm dresses from jcrew and forgot all about crew cuts! 

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    Thanks again girls!! I'll keep you posted on the decision! Got an email yesterday that they shipped!!

    Cathryn - Yes! I LOVE crewcuts! They do have a 'wedding' line, but I found the wedding line to be a bit too fancy for the look of my wedding - so just an FYI, I got these from their 'everyday dresses' :) Which Jcrew BM dresses did you get??
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    I don't get on here as much as I'd like, so this is late, BUT I really like the colors together. I like both JBM dresses, but I think I also might like the second one a little better. Either way, your wedding party will look awesome! The flower colors sound great, too! 
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