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So I e-mailed my venue coordinator 1 week ago.  Still haven't heard anything back.  SO typical for her.

It's just annoying because I am not available to talk on the phone during business hours - a lot of the time I don't even get a lunch, or when I do have time I actually need to eat!  Seriously, I have been trying to schedule a doctor appt for a couple of weeks now because I start work before their office opens, they are closed while I am on lunch, and I work later than they are open.  Whenever I am forced to call people, we usually end up playing phone tag.  Plus, I just plain HATE talking on the phone.

My point is that in 2012, if you give e-mail as an option for correspondence, you should be treating it the same as phone calls.  When I send a business an e-mail, I expect a reply just as quickly (if not quicker!) than when I call and leave a message.  If you are unable or unwilling to to do this, don't give e-mail as an option.  Period.  As an employee of a small business, and a future small business owner, this baffles me.  If a patient e-mail us asking for an appointment and we didn't get back to them for a week, chances are they're going to be pissed.  And if we did it multiple times, they'd probably get irritated enough to leave the practice.

I wouldn't be so irritated if she only had a phone number - it would be inconvenient for me, but I'd make it work.  But she gave me an e-mail address I can use, but she's clueless that for today's consumer that it's just as important as a phone call.

Vent over.  I swear if I don't hear from her by tomorrow I am going to spam the sh#t out of her inbox just to prove a point.
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Re: Annoyed.

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    I know how you feel. When you are in beginning stages of planningm they will call you back in minutes! But now, they have us and are unwilling to take time out of their day to help. Grrr. I would have not gone with some of our vendors if I would have known this ahead of time.
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    When we were hammering out menu details, we had to go through the venue's sales coordinator for everything. So, I would email her (like OP, more convenient for me) a compiled list of questions we had...and, it would seriously take 1-2 weeks to hear back from her. It would have been way easier if they had provided us some sort of contact information for the chef...but, no. That's "not how they work." 

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    That is super annoying!!  I would be kind of pissed.  I also have a hard time scheduling doctor's appointments since I work until after doctor's office hours a lot of times.  I agree about your theory for answering emails for sure!  I hope that she gets back to you soon!
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    When it comes to dealing with vendors, poor response time is my biggest pet peeve. You must be more patient than me because I would have sent a follow up email by this point; that usually gets a response ;)
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    That's annoying! :( I agree, 2012 = prompt email service!
    Hope she gets back to you soon. 

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    I know how you feel, I'm in the same boat with my venue coordinator. Considering I just gave the venue $25 thousand dollars, you think they would be a little more forthcoming with their time and answers. It was a freaking battle just to get the tables set up the way I wanted them for the reception! Now its been more than a week and she STILL hasn't emailed me the seating arrangements so I can start making a seating chart. Gah! Im about to pull my hair out or punch someone in the face, whichever happens first >.<

    Most of the people I've come across in this industry are really snooty about what they do, and I want to know why considering we pay them pretty much TRIPLE what they would be paid were it not a wedding and just a normal event. Some of these people make me feel like a Bridezilla (and Im so not!) because I have to argue with them to get what I want. I paid you(a LOT of money)!! That means I get what I paid for!

    /sigh. I feel your pain. I wish there was something more that I could do instead of just bitching about it, but I guess thats what we have TK for right? haha.
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    That sucks! Luckily I haven't had a problem with vendors getting back to me in a timely manner. I work a lot too so it's always frustrating when I get in a game of phone tag with them. These days for the working professional it''s just easier to converse via email!

    My biggest problem with vendors has been payment. I gave my DJ my deposit check A MONTH AGO, he JUST cashed it yesterday. That peeves me to no end!
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    I know exactly how you feel! Email is my preferred method of communication with wedding vendors because I am not a phone person, I have a weird schedule, I hate playing phone tag and it gives me a record of what was discussed. 

    My wedding venue DOC doesn't respond to my emails but calls me. Then I email and say it;s easier to email and she doesn't email back. How hard is it to answer a couple questions in an email?
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    I hear ya! There is nothing that annoys me more than poor communication. I think it's extremely rude to not respond to someone's e-mail in general, but ESPECIALLY when you are giving them business & money!

    I e-mailed Mitchell's Fish Market last week (filled out one of those contact forms on their website) & asked them to contact me via either phone or e-mail about having our RD there, & still haven't gotten a phone call or e-mail. Needless to say, we will NOT be looking there anymore for our RD.

    GL with everything & I hope you get ahold of her soon :)
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