Betsy's Barn in Butler County

Even though we just got engaged a few weeks ago, we've (okay, it was mainly just me) decided to look into three different reception places in Butler County - Betsy's Barn, The Atrium, and Succop Conservancy.  I have dates scheduled to meet with the last two, but I haven't been able to get a hold of anyone at Betsy's Barn yet!  I emailed and left a message and it's been almost two weeks.  Are they still closed for the season?  I'm a little upset that they haven't gotten back to me yet; the other two places got back to me within a few hours of my inquiry.  

Anyone know anything else about this place and if this is normal?  They were kinda at the top of my list....
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Re: Betsy's Barn in Butler County

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    I don't know if it's normal for them to take so long or not.
    One of my daughter's friends looked into Betsy's Barn for her wedding but chose not to because the rates had been raised considerably.

    It is a beautiful place to have a wedding/reception.
    Have you tried phoning them?  Their number is 724-368-3233.

    The Atrium is where I held my daughter's bridal shower and I was very happy with the service.

    Greenet had her wedding at the Succop and it was so beautiful there as well.

    Another place to consider is the Scottish Rite Cathedral in New Castle:
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    My cousin got married there last August and it was really pretty!  I don't know anything about their responsiveness, though, or if they are closed during winter.  Hope you hear from them soon!
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    Thanks ladies, I left them another voicemail today and hopefully (cross your fingers) they'll get back to me.  I'll be bummed out if they don't and I never got to look at it!  I'm looking forward to visiting Succop and the Atrium though.

    Happy weekend!
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    Deanette - I know this is coming months later, but do you happen to remember any of the prices/details for Betsy's Barn? FI and I just started our reception hunt and I fell in love with Betsy's Barn online but want some more info before I call and set up an appointment. Thanks! 
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