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Bridal party attire check!! (PIP)

Yay! So happy that finally both the BM and GM attire is settled on and picked out. I've had my BM dresses picked out for like, 3 months, but FI has been slacking on picking out the GM's outfits. We finally got it ironed out and Im so excited, it is going to look great! 

What are your BM and GM's outfits going to look like? 

Bridesmaids: My MOH is going to have a shawl to differentiate her (and cause she doesn't like her shoulders showing, haha)

Groomsmen: Essentially this, except with sage green accents instead of yellow. Not sure how to differentiate Best Man, any suggestions?
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Re: Bridal party attire check!! (PIP)

  • My bridesmaids are in Wister ia from DB's.. a pretty grayish-purple.
    The GM's are in charcoal gray suits with black shirts..
    So we have pretty similar visions :)
  • My BMs are wearing knee length dresses in their choice of style in horizon from DB. The GM will be wearing black tuxes with a black vest, black tie, and an ivory shirt. FI will be wearing the same black suit, but with an ivory tie, ivory vest, and ivory shirt.
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  • Congrats on the check!!

    My girls are wearing this dress from DB...url.jpg

    and FI is wearing a linen suit from Cubavera




    His GM will be wearing the same shirt and pants, but no jacket. 

    I can't wait until May to see it all together :)


  • My MOH is wearing a long chiffon dress in AA's cobalt blue. I have no BMs. FI and his best man will both wear tan colored suits. FI will have a tan and white stripped tie and his BM will have a matching tie to MOH, white shirts and no vests.
  • Looks great!  Love  the BM's dresses
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  • My girls are wearing this dress from Nordstroms
    Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique Sleeveless Stretch Satin Sheath Dress
  • I like your choices!
    My BMs are wearing any black dress of their choosing and the GM are wearing black tuxes with a black tie.  I bought each BM a sage green pashmina to tie them together during the ceremony.

  • BM are wearing Bill Levkoff 568 Watermelon

    GM wearing black tux with white shirt black vest and hot pink tie. FI wearing black tux with ivory vest, shirt & tie.
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  • My MOH's are wearing full length black dresses and the Best Men will be wearing black tuxes with black vests/ties...sounds so dark when I put it out there like that!  
  • bridesmaids:
    ...but this is the color:

    this is the groom/groomsmen look:

  • Congrats on the check! My BMs are wearing short, black, strapless dresses from DB. And the GMs are wearing black tuxes with blush pink vest & tie.

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