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Menu Cards

If you're having a buffet, are you having menu cards? If so, where are you putting them? If not, will you just have a little card in front of each type of food so the guests know what is what? 
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Re: Menu Cards

  • We're not having a buffet, but I would just put a card infront of each food item on the buffet.
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  • We're not doing buffet, but the buffets we have been to normally have the name listed in front of the item, at my friends wedding the caterer actually supplied the food name tags, so you may want to check with them.


  • we're doing a buffet and our caterer has some kind of sign they will put in front of each dish.

    i am contempating doing one big sign though to be the "menu"  it'll be chalkboard style to match our kind of laid back casual fun atmosphere....  that's the plan anyway, we'll see if i actually get around to doing it  haha
  • We're doing a buffet. Though I love the look of the menu cards at each table, it's kind of just an additional cost that is not a priority to me. (One of those things that will DEFINITELY just get thrown away after reading) Instead, I am also doing a larger chalkboard/windowpane sign with the options, as well as small signs in front of each dish. The caterer provides them, but I'm making my own on cardstock just to keep the look cohesive.

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  • We are doing a buffet and I am thinking maybe I will do menu cards and put one or two on each table for guests to look at during cocktail hour.
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