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GM Gifts - Check & Needing Some Good Knottie Vibes :)

Last night FI & I finished shopping for the GMs! He wanted to give them something different than the typical flask, shot glass, beer mug, etc. So, we ordered them personalized grill spatulas from Etsy & we will be putting them in a grill mitt with some Jack Daniels marinade. Here is a picture of the what the spatulas will look like:

And, now I need some good knottie vibes :) I applied for an internship with a company called Cincy Event Planning (they plan weddings, showers, birthday parties, etc.) & I got asked to come in for an interview next weekend. So, if everyone could keep their fingers crossed for me that'd be awesome! This would be my dream job & I'm so excited to have this opportunity!
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Re: GM Gifts - Check & Needing Some Good Knottie Vibes :)

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