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Letting bridesmaids pick their own dress?

I've chosen J.Crew Silk Chiffon dresses for the girls in graphite gray. There are about 7 styles in same fabric/color/length so I'm allowing them to choose which style they prefer. I thought this would let them look unique but still cohesive. They've given me feedback but I'm having trouble with next steps.

Most had a favorite or said they didn't care, but some are INSISTING they try them on first. I'm just having trouble getting them to actually go and do it. My BM's are located all over and J.Crew bridal unfortunately only has a few locations - although they do have free shipping/exchanges on orders.

Should I just order w/their measurements (if they don't like they can exchange) or wait for them to try on? Also, even though I said I was letting them pick, I want to get the ball rolling. If they dont decide by Dec, im tempted to have them order their fave w/o trying on. Would this be OK to do?
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