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HELP - Order of BM/GM during ceremony

Our officiant will not be conducting a rehearsal (I'm OK with this.  The program is set out with much detail)
I believe doing the order by height is best for me since everyone is very important to me.  HOWEVER, I've been reading how tall brides (I'm one) have had the tallest BM next them and then down to the shortest.  My issue is that no matter what MOH/BM will be next to us and my MOH is one of the shortest (although wearing super high heels).  So, do I do shortest to tallest?  Will that look weird?

FI's BM is not the shortest of his GMs but he is the second shortest.
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Re: HELP - Order of BM/GM during ceremony

  • I personally dont think it MOH is as short as me..and the rest of the BMs are about 2-3 inches taller..and im having my last BM is the tallest..but thats just because of who she is matched up with. One of my shortest BMs is matched witth the tallest GMs because its her husband...soo my party is gonna be very mix matched..but its because my BM/GM are mostly
  • I am taller too but my MOH is about 4 inches shorter than me.  I am thinking I will start with her and go up to the tallest.  That way it doesn't go from tall to short then tall and then downt to short again it will be a little more symmetrical.
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  • I really don't think it matters much, it would be nice if it worked out to go tallest to shortest, but that never happens. My MOH is the shortest of my girls, so FI just chose the order with family first, and then two of our friends are good friends, so he wanted them to walk together. So we didn't really think about height, or anything.
  • Well, I'm 5'1 and all of my girls EXCEPT for my FSIL are around that height. FSIL is  tall - almost 6'. So that will be interesting. But then again, all of the GM are very tall. The tallest is 6'5" and he is actually going to be walking with my sister who is 5'2".

    Needless to say, height doesn't really matter. We have a pretty odd bridal party. We have my younger sister who is going to be barely 18, two college age girls, FSIL and FBIL who are 7 years older than us, and then all the guys except for FBIL are in college.

    We put the order up based on who we are closer to and then we matched the couples together. Other than that, we've always been an odd group. It would be weird if we were any different. HTH
  • I tried to match up the GM with the BM that's closest to their height. All the girls want to be walking with someone taller than them. My MOH is about 5'2" and the BM is about 6'3" but his wife is that short and her boyfriend is that tall so for them it's normal and she will be wearing heels. I'm lining them up by who is closest to me and then the guys by height of my BM's.
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