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Seating Charts (PIP)

Hi Ladies!

I have seen a few posts of late talking about seating charts and the stress they seem to present.  I thought I would share what I created, which has truly removed most (if not all) of my stress about this!  I have a master floor plan that has all of our guests tables and how I plan to have everything set up; the other is an individual table layout with small post it tags with each guest name written on them.  
When I get a yes RSVP, I circle the names on the master list so I follow that table's seating count.  If I get a no RSVP, I erase the names on the master list and also pull their tags from the individual list.  I can see at a glance what's opened up and, as things get closer, I can decide how I want to move things around to fill the openings.  Once the counts are complete, I will make copies of my charts so I have them for my records, and then give the originals to our DOC for the set up instructions.  :)  
I am really happy with how easy this has been so I wanted to try and pass on the idea to all of you. Please let me know if you have any questions.  Happy seating!!

Master Floor Plan

Individual Table Chart:

ETA:  I also tried to color code the tags so I could see family/WP/friends/kids groups more easily.  :)

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