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Honest opinion about chairs

Honest opinion, do you think I would need to cover these chairs? They actually have a bit of an antique look I might be able to incorporate in the centerpieces. I"m finding that while I love Chivari chairs they are expensive and covers and sashes aren't cheap either and I"m not sure I love that look. I'm thinking this might be a place I could save money. My colors are Navy blue, Ivory and green, with hints of peakcock feathers with a vitage/ art nouveau.

Re: Honest opinion about chairs

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    [QUOTE]I think they look fine.  I personally hate chair covers, and honestly in the end who is going to care much about the chairs?  I'd just leave them be.
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    this, i loathe chair covers, and if it's the chairs that someone remembers from your wedding... well then.... they need to get a life  haha!
  • does the venue have a pic of what the whole room will look like with and without covers?
  • Keep the chairs.  My venues chairs look a lot like yours and I'm just leaving them as is.  No one is going to care or remember what they look like.  :)
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