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Invitation oops

So, my invites arrived today and they are sooo beautiful! I love them! Then I realized that I did, in fact, order my reception cards sideways so they won't fit in the pocketfolds correctly. I am guessing no one will REALLY notice but I can't believe I did that. I had a feeling but couldn't figure it out because they are only 4 x 4.5. Oh well. :) I still love them.

Re: Invitation oops

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    Glad you're not letting the mishap bother you :) Congrats on getting your invites!!
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    just keep "rolling with the punches"...I'm learning this is a nessessity to staying happy and calm. lol. My invites have an row of dot accents that was supposed to be centered and actually came in a little one but me will notice but I still know it's there! lol -- FI convienced me to not have them re-done and now, I totally agree.  :)
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    Guests typically don't notice little mishaps that we do, it's only because we are hyper aware of every little detail. 
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